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The Force Bracing System

Designed to straighten and strengthen foundation walls over time.

Constant soil pressure and movement can lead to severely damaged concrete foundation walls … buckling, cracking, and often worse. When this force of nature moves in, The Force structural bracing system, counteracts the stress.

The Force is a patented system structural tension-loaded, steel I-beam reinforcement system that is designed to straighten block or concrete walls over time. Not an alternative to The Reinforcer, The Force is recommended in more extreme cases of concrete crack repair where the bowing is in excess of 2-inches or the wall has severely shifted.

The Force's unique I-beam/spring-coil design helps straighten walls over time. Unlike other bracket-based systems, The Force utilizes a tension-loaded spring design that supplies a constant 1000-pound force on the wall.

During hot, dry weather conditions the soil dries out, reducing its pressure, and shrinks away from walls. This is when Forces` tension-load spring goes to work ... physically straightening and structurally supporting the wall permanently. The force utilizes two concrete anchors on the bottom bracket of the I-beam; the tension-loaded spring system anchors at the top. Self-sustaining, cost-effective and maintenance free, The Force can also be used as a temporary support to straighten the wall with excavation and then install The Reinforcer.

The Terminator Bracket

Stops leaning and tilting walls

Patent Pending

Engineered Technology

Resists up to 6,000 pounds of force

Prevents the wall from sliding laterally inward at the top 

Constructed of High Strength Steel

Easy installation

Compact sleek design

Can be with or without The Reinforcer

Free engineering design & support

Lifetime manufacturer warranty

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