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Injection/Concrete Stitching

This method can only be performed on poured foundations and on minor cracks

Minor cracks form in the foundation of your house from settlement, minor water damage and concrete drying. It is very important to identify the crack in the foundation to be sure it is a minor crack that can be injected to prevent any further water damage to your home's foundation.

We also provide concrete stitching which is done with carbon fiber material to eliminate movement in the foundation.

If the minor crack is horizontal it is a sign of lateral pressure and would normally require the exterior repair to correct the problem, however with the Carbon Fiber Stitching it enables an Injection to be a success if the exterior of the home is inaccessible for an excavation due to lack of space, concrete porches, decks and driveways. 

This method requires the interior foundation wall to be exposed so the crack can be identified. The foundation crack is then cleaned and dried for the application of the high endurance epoxy and the injection ports. Once set the crack is injected with polyurethane that reacts with water to create a water tight seal through the foundation.

Polyurethane Injections

Polyurethane is used for stopping water infiltration primarily in concrete, masonry or brick structures with continuous moisture exposure. Repair methods include joint sealing, crack sealing and curtain injection in the following applications:

Foundation Sealing

Concrete Construction Joints

Pedestrian and automotive tunnels

Concrete dams and powerhouses

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