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Residential Carbon Fiber Reinforcing


A carbon fiber system designed for strengthening concrete and masonry structures

Why walls crack, bow and eventually collapse


Typically, foundations are stressed when pressure (hydrostatic, expansive soil or lateral earth movement) is exerted on the outside of the foundation, causing walls to crack and separate beyond their tensile capacity. If not stopped, or properly reinforced, foundations could collapse. The Reinforcer is a patented state-of-the-art system developed by professional engineers. Combinations of space-age polymers and carbon fibers have been processed into a material that is virtually impossible to stretch. Less than 1/16" thick, it is a perfect material to use on basement foundation walls to resist outside pressure. Until now, the most common method to stop outside pressure from further bowing foundation walls was to anchor steel beams along the inside perimeter of the basement walls. The Reinforcer replaces the need and hassle of steel beam installations.


When The Reinforcer is applied to foundations, it counteracts further outside pressure on the wall, taking the tension force or tensile load that the concrete or mortar joint cannot. For every increase in pressure, The Reinforcer supplies an equal and opposite resistant force making the wall stronger, helping to eliminate shifting, expanding, cracking or bowing. The Reinforcer has been tested and proven to be 10 times stronger than steel. When it is bonded to the foundation wall, the entire wall acts as a structural member. The philosophy behind the design of The Reinforcer is based on standard engineering principles following Hooke's law, and the linear stress strain relationship.

The Reinforcer works on concrete, block, poured concrete, brick and clay tile to secure and stabilize cracking, bowing or buckling foundation walls.


Carbon Fiber Reinforcing


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