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Interior Drain System

This method is used to prevent hydrostatic floor pressure .

    Floor cracks are caused by

Foundation Settlement

Poor Drainage

Concrete Drying

Saturated Soils

Hydrostatic floor pressure shows itself by having water come through the cracks in the concrete floor slab. Another form of hydrostatic floor pressure is when the foundation wall becomes detached from the floor slab and water penetrates through that open space, this will let you know that your water level is high and drainage is poor.

The Drain System will stop the water pushing up against the concrete floor and coming into your basement.

This method requires two feet of the foundation wall to be exposed and one foot of the concrete floor to be removed. We then install a drainage system below the floor with a well and sump pump that redirects the water from your basement to a discharge location outside. The water that has been building up under your floor is then released and removed.  Interior Drain System is the only way to repair hydrostatic floor pressure. This method is not used to repair foundation cracks.

Battery Back Up Sump Pump System

Sump pumps are powered by the hydro in your home. In the event of a power outage the sump pump will not work and can leave you with a risk of flooding. That's why we highly recommend a battery backup sump pump system. This will ensure there is no interruption to the drainage system removing the water from underneath the floor.

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