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Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

This method is the most effective and permanent solution for cracked foundations.

Foundation cracks are caused by

Hydrostatic and Lateral Earth Pressure

Frost Heave Pressure

Expansive Soils

Foundation Settlement


It is very important to understand what certain types of cracks mean

Horizontal cracks usually mean lateral pressure on the wall (bowing)

Vertical cracks can be caused by settlement or outside pressures. You must look very closely and determine whether the wall is moving in or up/down. Look for misalignment of mortar joints or horizontal displacement

Shrinkage cracks in poured walls are the result of concrete drying and should not be confused as a structual crack.

To repair these cracks we use our exterior method. This method requires the excavation of land in the affected area to below the footing. Once the foundation crack is exposed we clean, dry and seal the foundation. The weeping tile is then checked and replaced if necessary for proper drainage. Before backfilling the sealed area is covered and protected with a styrofoam sheet that insulates the foundation to protect it against the damaging effects of frost and moisture.

 If the affected area has a window below grade level, a window well drain system will be installed.

Foundation Waterproofing Products


​We provide 3 products for our exterior method.

Peel and stick (used on new foundations and ICF foundations)

Trowel on with patch (used on pre-existing foundations that have been damp proofed)

Spray and roll on with protection sheet (used on new foundation with no existing problems for prevention)

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