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Finished Basement

Welcome To Sealed Right Waterproofing

We are the company that provides your basement waterproofing/foundation repair needs. We believe that when you are experiencing a foundation problem that you should be provided an efficient and affordable solution by an expert. Our experts can easily identify and verify moisture issues with thermal imaging and moisture readings to consult you on the right solution. We take pride in providing outstanding customer service, affordable prices and excellent warranties.

Sealed Right Waterproofing is now certified by Nationwide Reinforcing for carbon fiber installation in Ontario. Carbon fiber reinforcing stabilizes your foundation wall and helps to eliminate shifting, cracking, expanding and bowing. The Reinforcer works on concrete, block, poured concrete, brick and clay tile.


What makes The Reinforcer® the obvious choice?


Thin as a dime - only .045" thick

10 times stronger than steel

Subtle appearance - virtually unnoticeable

Material is non-corrosive & non-flammable

Lifetime manufacturer warranty

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